Accredited Companies

The following companies completed the EASI programme and are accredited as ‘Ethically Aware’:

A – F

Date indicates expiry

AACCSA / Addis Chamber Sep-22
Accord Assist Feb-22
ADC Construction CC Oct-22
Afrocloud Technologies Nov-22
Alviva Holdings Sep-21
Aviat Networks Ghana Ltd Sep-22
Botoka Rope Access and NTD Services Oct-22
Buxus (Pty) Ltd Oct-22
Cedar Construction Mar-22
Charnok Cleaning Services Limited Oct-22
City of Cape Town Mar-22
Coalition ICT Sep-21
Combined towing Mar-22
Coopers K-Brands Limited Oct-22
Coupengold Feb-22
Cummins Power Generation Nigeria Limited Sep-22
Dals Auto Panel Montague Gardens Mar-22
Diphuti Innovative Solutions Sep-21
Distell Ltd Mar-22
DSV Panalpina Oct-22
Eastern Produce Kenya Limited Aug-22
Ecolab East Africa (K) Ltd Sep-22
Elite Digital Solutions Nov-22
Farber Coachworks Mar-22
Fearless Technical Contracts & Services Sep-21
Feel Da Pulse Trading Oct-22
Frigoken Limited Sep-22

G – M

Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition Jun-22
Gauteng Provincial Government Feb-22
Harmony Group of Companies Sep-22
ILRI Sep-22
JT Power Solutions Feb-22
Judante Building Solutions Mar-22
Just Air Feb-22
Kakuzi PLC Aug-22
KCB Group PLC Oct-22
Kenya Electricity Generating Company PLC Oct-22
Kerseraw Benison General Trading PLC Oct-22
Khawdash Engineering Sep-21
Kinde Engineering Works Ltd Sep-22
Lasap Kenya Ltd Nov-22
Legae La Rona Sep-21
Letitone (Pty) Ltd Oct-22
Lumax Energy Feb-22
Lumberton Ltd Sep-22
Matha Engineering and Projects (Pty) Ltd Oct-22
MG Fibre Feb-22
Mishbe Feb-22
MTN Sep-22
MTN Benin Oct-22
MTN Congo Oct-22
MTN Ghana Sep-22
MTN Liberia Oct-22
MTN Sudan Oct-22
Multiple Development Services Limited Sep-22

N – Z

Nairtime Holdings limited Sep-22
Nampak Rigids Oct-22
NCG Container Solutions SA t/a Mauser Packaging Solutions Oct-22
Nedbank Sep-21
Nilewood Promotion PLC Oct-22
NRS Consulting Nov-22
Orizoe Services Sep-21
Oromia International Bank, S.C. Nov-22
Oxygen Projects Sep-21
Pavicon Limited Sep-22
Polyoak Packaging Oct-22
Rova Digital Limited Sep-22
Rupas Gift Centre Nov-22
Safaricom PLC Jul-22
Santam Ltd Mar-22
Scancom PLC (MTN Ghana) Jul-22
Siemens Sep-21
Sindika Engineering and Project Services Oct-22
Sisu Somuambi Electrical Sep-21
SM2 (SM Square) Mar-22
SNC Lavalin SA (Pty) Ltd Oct-22
Spacetel/MTN Guinea-Bissau Nov-22
Standard Chartered Bank Oct-22
Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited Oct-22
Sterling Bank PLC Sep-22
Sybyl Kenya Nov-22
Tanker Services Food & Chemicals Oct-22
Tekton Autobody Mar-22
The Blue Company Project Sep-22
The City of Cape Town Mar-22
The Ethics Institute Sep-21
Theday Agro Industry PLC Oct-22
Trinitylinks Engineering Limited Nov-22
Uganda Electricals Kenya Limited Nov-22
Unitrans (Pty) Ltd Oct-22
Unotelos Ghana Ltd Sep-22
Zeenar Kenya Ltd Nov-22
Zwelis Group Pty Ltd Sep-21